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  • Last Novella is now up

    January 29, 2015

    I'd been so busy promoting it elsewhere, I forget to post it here.  The final part of Fallen Throne is now available on the amazon kindle store.

    You can check it out here.

  • Gencon 2014

    August 19, 2014

    I am continually surprised by how much I enjoy Gencon.  I always feel like 'this year' will be the one where I get bored, or feel like I've seen it all before, or tire at the thought of one mroe 5 hour drive.  But this show delivered just like previous years.

    I enjoyed a lot of the games I demo'd, including Pixel Tactics, Kaosball, DIsc Duellers...actually, I'll same some space and just say anything by level 99 games was worth coming back to.  I also enjoyed Mai-star, Samurai Spirit, Doom Town, and Tragedy Looper.  Though, I think my brain was a little tired by the time I got to Tragedy Looper.  It involved replaying events of the day in order to try and prevent them, based on the locations characters were in at the time things happened.  I was trying to prevent a murder and a suicide, and I did, but I honestly couldn't tell you how I managed to besides blindly guessing.  But it was fun.

    The only thing I had trouble finding was a new war game.  I played a few things that I thought would have some war-like attributes, like Black Fleet and Hyperboria, but they were really just disguised resource management games.  It could be argued that a war game is the same, but when you can win without conflict, I don't really feel like it's very warlike.  I hadn't played Axis & Allies in about two decades, and it was less complicated than I remembered it being, but I still wasn't a fan of the predetermined starts.

    Overall, at least from the bigger publishers, games felt like the base price was definitely creeping up.  More games closer to $100 than not.  Maybe it was always this way.  It's only bothersome, because while I don't mind buying locally for a $40 or $50 dollar game i might save ten bucks on online, When the savings get closer to thirty and fourty dollars, I have a hard time buying locally.  Maybe when World of Grey takes off.

    All in all, looking forward to next year already, and I wish the con was a few days longer.  Hope everyone's been having a great summer.

  • Guardians of the Galaxy

    August 2, 2014

    I realized that now that I have my own website, I can talk about less serious stuff from time to time.  Not every post needs to be a writing lesson or an insight into The World of Grey.

    Tonight I went to see the aforementioned marvel movie with some friends.  I knew very little about gotg going in, having only read the first 6 issues of the most recent relaunch of the series.  Needless to say, everything you've probably heard or read was true.

    The growth of the marvel universe was something I never dreamed I'd see as a kid, and not only have I gotten to see that universe unfold on the big screen, but it's also making a cohesive universe and an ongoing storyline.  One I'm not worried they are going to reboot every five years.  And through that lens that the people at marvel have constructed, I'm excited about a series that I never really cared about on the page.

    I laughed a lot during the show.  I think I laughed harder in this film than in any movie I can remember in recent history.  The uncontrolled, unreserved belly laughter that makes me start coughing and catch my breath.  I won't spoil anything, but needles to say, just almost every character is someone you can fall in love with, becoming instantly memorable.

    Which brings me to my only disappointment with the movie.  I had my doubts about the approach to this particular character during the first action sequence among the to-be guardians.  As the character developed over the course of the run time, I only grew a little more disheartened, but I didn't say anything.  I figured it might just be me, and I was curious what my friends thought.

    After the movie was over, as we talked about it on the ride home, everyone loved it.  Star Lord stole the show every time he was onscreen.  I didn't expect Drax to be so funny.  Rocket Raccoon was awesome.  Groot was adorable.  We talked about all of them for pretty much the entirety of the car ride home.

    Gamora was never mentioned once.  And truth be told, I don't know if she said anything honestly humorous or funny.  She played into some jokes ( I'm looking at you, mr. bacon) but she was pretty much the no-nonsense assassin killing machine she kept telling us she was.

    Except, at no time, did they make me feel like she was any more competent a fighter than Star Lord or even Groot.  She fumbles her first on screen fight, bested by Star Lord, Rocket and Groot.  She is captured twice, and saved by Star Lord both times.  Her best moment to me was when she managed to not fall for Star Lord's suave charm, which in hindsight to the rest of the main cast, felt sad.

    Now, the movie is still great, but I just felt like they let Gamora's character become a damsel in distress.  Yes, she can knock a few heads together, but never to a degree that made me feel like she should have the feared reputation she does.  I wish her character had been better written.

    Don't let that dissuade you from seeing the movie, as you'll probably miss out on the funniest movie of the year.  And this coming from a guy that generally doesn't like comedies.
    Have a good weekend, everyone.