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  • Dark Halo: Book 2

    Published September 6, 2016

    With the nation of Ramza at rest, the six companions have gone back to their lives. Some explore the continent of Grey, while others shape the future of the kingdom.

    A prophet has arisen, claiming to speak for the One God, but is she trying to bring the nations of Grey together, or throw them into chaos against one another?

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  • Fallen Throne: Book 1

    Published May 11, 2015

    A dark cloud draws over the nation of Ramza. A mad king terrorizes a kingdom. Demons dance under the moon's light. And an assassin that wears the guise of those she meets once again stalks the land.

    Aerika became an orphan the night her family was burned alive. Together with her friend, Khristian, the two children set off on an adventure to find her parents' killers. With the help of a master thespian and swordsman, a wielder of fire and lightning, and two street performers, they will try to uncover the nature of evil that corrupts the throne and bring the killers to justice.

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