Cast of Characters

Khristian Telpens

A boy whose curiosity is only outclassed by his loyalty. He wants nothing more than to see his promises kept, and to know why his friend was attacked.

Detective, Guardian, Son

When Aerika's parents were killed, Khristian wanted nothing more than to protect his friend.  Then, when his parents were atacked next, he found himself forced into a situation bigger than himself.  Know, with the help of Jenner, and other friends he's met along the way, Khristian is using everything his dad taught him to get to the bottom of the murders, and to set things right back in Ramza.

Aerika DuBay

A girl with mysterious powers. Outspoken and outgoing, she finds herself scared for the first time in her life, for both herself and her lost sister.

Dancer, Acrobat, Daughter

From a young age, Aerika knew she was different.  Powers she couldn't control.  She hid them because they scared her, and she didn't want to be different.  But someone knows her secret, and will do anything to get it.  Know she finds herself on the run with her best friend, and she can't shake the feeling it's all her fault.  Only working together, will the two of them get to the bottom of who is after her, and why.

Jenner Ripalst

The gentleman with the rapier wit and sword skill. When his theatre burns to ashes, he feels the old call of adventure once again.

Thespian, Adventurer, Philanthropist

Jenner was having the time of his life running a theatre company.  He'd achieved everything he'd ever wanted, and life was splendid, until he helped Khristain.  Now he's tangled up in the Caulment underworld and his theatre is in ruins.  But he wouldn't have made one decision differently.  Using the extensive resources at his disposal, Jenner has promised to help Aerika and Khristian and get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding the two of them.

Mao Tze

Wanderlust still calls to the old woman that calls the road her home. Her desire to understand all that is around her keeps her on the move.

Scientist, Explorer, Advisor

When Aerika's plight is revealed to her, Mao knows where she's needed.  A learned woman as well as having mastery over fire and lightning, she throws her chips in with the children and lends a helping hand.  She's seen more days then the two of them combined, and hopes she can keep them from danger, and help them learn about themselves.


Always looking to spread the good word, in whatever form it takes, what he cannot portray through words he portrays through action instead.

Monk, Performer, Optimist

Umbrunzwe always had an excellent sense of right and wrong, even if those around him didn't.  He can't stand to see people in danger, and always goes the extra mile to save those in need.  WHen he learns of the problems troubling Khristian and Aerika, he does whatever he can to help.  ALways their with a big smile, or a strong arm, whatever the situation demands.

Havelin the Charitable

The man who wants nothing more than to bring a smile to the faces of his audience, he enjoys a good story among both friends and strangers.

Bard, Rapscallion, Comedian

Havelin never wanted to be famous, just mostly.  He was happy making people smile.  Such was how he first met Khristian.  WHen their paths crossed again, he knew it was more than coincedence.  Now, with his travelling partner, Umbrunzwe, Havelin finds the two of them mixed up in whatever trouble has befallen Khristian and his friend, Aerika.